January 12th, 2021

ADUs are one of the most popular home improvements in the San Francisco Bay Area, and for good reason! This change to your home increases property value, adds space for extended family and can provide current and future rental income.Accessory Dwelling Units follow most of the same guidelines as any addition, remodel or new construction, based on state guidelines in addition to local requirements.4 Primary Types of ADU in the San Francisco bay Area:Generally speaking, there are (4)…

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December 21st, 2020

Chef's Kitchen Design-Build Remodeling

Your kitchen should reflect your passion for cooking. Merely adding a few features to your space can make all the difference in the appearance and functionality of one of the most important rooms in your home. We have the best home improvement contractors to help you implement the latest chef’s kitchen design-build remodeling ideas.If you love to impress your friends and loved ones with great meals, there are a few inexpensive remodeling designs that can help you spruce up your space….

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November 24th, 2020

Remodeling Companies Hillsborough

A home renovation is a rewarding investment and a great way to create the property you have always dreamed of. We are among the best remodeling companies Hillsborough clients can call on when a professional renovation and property upgrade need to be performed. Discover how we can help you achieve incredible results when you rely on our expert team for your next property remodel.As a leading and experienced remodeling company, you can rely on our team for professional and fully customized…

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October 21st, 2020

A beautiful kitchen that is practical and easy to maintain can be achieved with the services of our professional renovators at BMF Builders. We believe in maintaining the functionality and the aesthetic value of commonly used living spaces using durable, practical, and valuable products. A kitchen renovation contractor in Burlingame is the one to call when you need additional space, install of new fixtures, or a complete makeover.Renovated kitchens are the best way to improve the resale…

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September 25th, 2020

If you are one of those people who consider cooking an art and a hobby, rather than just a chore to be marked off, a food prep area that matches your dreams is a must. The kitchen for a home chef will have all the necessary tools and appliances available, with plenty of working and storage space as well. When you want a cooking space that is arranged for aesthetics as well as functionality, BMF Builders, a residential chef’s kitchen contractor in Hillsborough, is the company to contact. Read…

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