Pre Construction:
Identify your needs, concerns, and vision of your project.

  • Understanding Your Vision
  • Preliminary and Revised Design, Budgeting and Scheduling
  • Design Ideas to improve the project and obtain best balance of value and features
  • Value Engineer
  • Pre-construction planning, material ordering, collaboration with Owner and team members
  • Permit processing
  • Supplier, showroom referrals and review

Construction Phase

  • Daily project supervision and project management
  • Keep all parties informed of activities, dates and progress
  • Value added ideas and creative problem solving
  • Continuous workflow
  • Site protection, clean up and debris removal
  • Jobsite meetings and reviews with design and construction team
  • Schedule and administer inspections
  • Organized, well planned and executed workflow

Post Construction: Customer Service

  • All installations warranted for workmanship
  • Post completion review and testing
  • Prompt follow up, easy contact
  • Product information binder
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