Commercial Remodels and Construction
San Francisco, CA Bay Area

Are You Seeking A Qualified Contractor To Remodel Your San Francisco Bay Area Commercial Property?

When you’re seeking a qualified contractor to remodel your San Francisco Bay Area commercial property, turn to BMF Construction. We have over 25 years of industry experience. Our designs are award winning, and we use sustainable methods and materials. We’re equipped to provide a range of services:

Tenant Improvements / Remodels & Additions

We provide solutions for Build-outs, change of use and design build projects including professional offices, retail, entertainment, tenant improvements, commercial kitchens, storage and medical facility improvements, remodels and additions.

– Our team will work directly with you to update your office building so that is suits your tenant’s needs. We’ll provide creative solutions to remodel spaces for maximum impact.

– We have brick and mortar experience remodeling all kinds of buildings including office complexes, hospital buildings, and schools. Our talented professionals handled the design and reconstruction for the Maritime Museum and War Memorial Opera House in the Bay Area.

Seismic Upgrades & Structural Installations

Services include; Seismic retrofit, soft story, structural and foundation upgrades.

– If you have an apartment, condo, or commercial building with 5 or more units, you’ll need to upgrade your building to meet new seismic laws. We have the tools and expertise to get your structure up to code in a timely manner.

Multi-Unit Residential Conversions, Remodels & Conversions

Services include; condominium conversion, remodels, additions, conversion to livable space, and garage additions.

– We’ll take your old apartment buildings and convert them into condos. Our team will collaborate with you so that we can transform each space according to your specifications.

Industrial / Commercial Construction

Common types of industrial and commercial construction projects include increasing warehouse space, structural installations, and additions.

– When you need more space for your business, we’ll handle the design and construction. After we complete the project, we’ll review and test the structure to ensure quality.

Contact our office by calling (415) 669-9124 to learn how we can make your building extraordinary!