Are You Looking For An Experienced Remodeling Contractor In Burlingame, CA?

Transform Your House into Your Dream Home

You can create the home of your dreams when you hire BMF Construction. As a highly experienced remodeling contractor, we have what it takes to transform your spaces so that they meet all your needs and please your senses. Whether you’re planning to renovate one or multiple rooms in your Burlingame, CA, home, we welcome the challenge.

Create a Cook’s Paradise

We’ve got a talented kitchen remodeling contractor for you. When you hire us, our team will consult with you and learn your goals and concerns. Then we’ll go to work to make your dreams come true. We’re equipped to handle every detail from initial design to post-completion service.

Build a Bathing Oasis

If you dream of having a bathroom where you can pamper yourself, you might benefit from our bathroom remodeling contractor services. We know how to transform your facility into a personal spa. Our remodel designs are award winning.

BMF Construction serves customers in Greater Burlingame. We’ve been certified as a lead-free remodeling contractor by the EPA. When you’re ready to invest in an upgrade for your home, contact us for information or to schedule an estimate.