Discover The Benefits Of Working With Home Addition Contractors In Portola Valley

Building home additions in Portola valley makes sense from an investment as well as improvement in personal comfort standpoint. Many homes within the San Francisco Bay Area are older. Although they’re charming and high in value, they aren’t always suited to the modern lifestyle. Why home additions in Portola valley? This is a smart way to improve your living space to suit your needs and stay in a great neighborhood. At BMF Construction, we have extensive experience with projects like these.

As a skilled and dependable home additions builder in Portola Valley CA, we’ve found that adding new rooms onto the structure by dividing space up or taking advantage of the unused area on the lot is often far cheaper and much easier than selling and shopping for a new home. With the incredible amount of competition that there currently is in the Bay Area housing market, it is always far better to refine what you currently own than to look for something more. Home additions in Portola Valley are located in a high-value and highly desirable neighborhood and will get the extra room you need.

Many people work with us when the dynamics of their families change. They use our services when welcoming new babies or when having aging relatives move in. You might want to plan a building redesign if your adult child has returned home, or if you’ve begun telecommuting.

Creating home office space is a very high demand improvement. These spaces add value to homes and put them on par with the most current expectations of the real estate market. When properly planned and built, additions like these can greatly increase the overall marketability of your real estate.

If you decide that you do want more space than your current lot offers, we will build you a new home on your land in Portola Valley CA. Our clients live in San Francisco, Hillsborough, Woodside, San Mateo, and Burlingame. With a custom home, you can get the exact dimensions, features, and design elements that you want. Call 415-699-9124 today to see how we can help!

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