How Much Do Custom Counters Cost

Adding the right counters can create a stunning appearance to your new or remodeled home. Stone can be used for counters, custom tubs, sinks, fireplace mantels, hearths, steps and a variety of other applications. Let’s look at the cost of custom stone countertops.

How much do custom counters cost in the San Francisco Bay Area? The cost of custom stone countertops depends on several factors:

1. Material

2. Fabrication and design details

3. Characteristics of the stone


There is a great selection of materials to choose from. To make this simple, we will focus on 3 very popular options: marble, granite and quartzite. There are differing characteristics and appearances for each stone which will dictate your material decision.

Material Cost

A recent visit to local suppliers in the San Francisco area yielded quite a range in pricing between stones and even within the same group of stone. This may be due to several reasons:

  • Supply (scarcity)
  • Demand for a particular stone
  • Shipping costs
  • Quality (“flaws” may reduce the price of a particular piece)

Stone Characteristics

Another factor that will affect the cost of custom stone countertops will be the particular patterns, colors and fissure configurations of your selected stone. Thought must be given to layout and the abutting of patterns. This can increase material cost due to waste. An example of this is “book matching” of stone. This requires careful layout and precise joining of pieces to result in a particular finished pattern.

Granite Slabs: $25 – $135/ square foot

$55/ square foot

$55/ square foot

Marble Range: $15/ square foot – $245/ square foot

$55/square foot

$110/square foot Calacatta Marble

Quartzite: $30 / square foot – $145 / foot

$65 / square foot

$145 / square foot

Fabrication and Installation Cost:

  • The cost to fabricate and install is based on several variables: quantity, design details and penetrations. Typical slab sizes are approximately 10’x6’.

A recent example of some fab/install costs for custom counters:

  • Edge detail cut and polish for square 1 ½” edge: $75/ft.
  • Under mount sink cut outs: $350 / unit

A typical counter with island (pictured above) may cost in the range of $4500 for fab/install plus any additional costs for preparation, other cutouts and Contractor fees (assumes square edges). Add to this the cost of the slabs. Your stone supplier can help estimate the number of slabs needed for your project.

Shop Review

BMF Construction always recommends reviewing the slabs at the fabrication shop. Mark out where the stone is to be cut to assure the desired appearance.

Custom stone counters are a fabulous highlight to your new home or remodel. The cost of custom stone countertops can vary greatly. The numbers in this article were based on 2021 rates. There are a number of decisions to make, consult with your Contractor, design professional or stone showroom. BMF Construction serves clients in San Francisco, Burlingame, Hillsborough and throughout the peninsula. When looking for a Contractor near me call BMf at 415.699.9124

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