How much does it Cost to Remodel a Bathroom in the San Francisco Bay Area?

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom in the San Francisco Bay Area? As is true of all remodeling projects, there are several levels of bathroom remodels; basic (or replacement), mid-level and upscale remodels. Bathroom remodel costs will reflect the category you have chosen and the features of your new bathroom project.

Several key factors which will affect cost:

Size of project / dimension of the space

Are you removing or relocating walls?

Are you relocating plumbing?

Quality of materials and fixtures

Special features

There are generally three basic levels of bathroom remodel:

Entry/replacement level

Entry level is a basic non-destructive refresh of the fixtures and look of the existing bathroom. This may include new paint, re-tile floor, new plumbing and lighting fixtures, as well as basic bathroom accessories. Plumbing fixtures remain in the same location, tub/shower remains and the walls intact.


Mid-level bathroom remodels may involve complete demolition to studs. This includes re-plumb, upgrade the electrical and all new finishes including sheetrock, paint, new tub or shower, new tile floor and tub/shower surround, sink/vanity and accessories as well as some minor fixture relocation. Standard staggered or straight design tile configurations are typical. Some optional features may be added.


An upscale bathroom remodel may include full demolition including wall relocation to create an expanded bathroom, new wall finishes, paint and wallpaper. New electrical and plumbing systems are installed. Options may include custom walk in curbless showers with linear drains, radiant heated floors, skylights, unique tile designs as well as high end plumbing and lighting fixtures. Custom designed and fabricated stone tubs and sinks may also be introduced which will affect your bathroom remodel costs.

Since bathroom remodels are not equal, each level of remodel and special feature will command a different price point.

Possible Price Ranges

Basic: $10k-25k

Mid-Range: $40k – $65k

Upscale : $70k and up

All three levels of bathroom remodels may have a combination of optional upgrades, so there are multiple price points within each category. The first step to your new bathroom remodel is to decide what level of project will meet your needs, then you can explore the options with BMF Construction and your design professional.

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