How To Plan Your Home Remodel part 2

How to plan your home remodel part 2 picks up from our last post. Make your home remodeling or custom home construction project faster, less stressful and more cost efficient!


Agree on locations for parking, hours and days of construction. Also plan for temporary bathrooms and material storage with your General Contractor.

Also, neighbor concerns should be addressed before construction. It is prudent to notify your immediate neighbors regarding significant home improvements such as major remodels, additions and new construction. Also, have your general contractor introduce themselves and provide contact information. This can help avoid potential conflicts or delays during construction.

Agree on egress for the general contractor and subcontractors. Plan for the GC and subs to access your home for the renovation. What areas are off limits? A lockbox can be used or combinations supplied for entry and lock up. Post construction, combinations can be changed.

Communication in Your Remodeling Project

How will members of the construction team communicate? This can include the Homeowner, Design Professionals and the Remodeling Contractor. Therefore, decide what communications will work best; phone, email, text, Zoom, Face Time, etc.

Insurances: How to Protect Yourself

For further liability protection, some Homeowners obtain renovation property and or vacant property insurance when home remodeling. General liability policy: be sure your General Contractor has proper commercial liability coverage to protect you. Ask for a copy of their COI certificate. In addition, be sure your remodeling contractor has worker compensation coverage. If not, Homeowners can be exposed to significant risk if the General Contractor is not properly insured.

Other considerations for your home remodel or new home construction

Temporary utilities: will the Owner continue to supply power and water during the home remodel or will the remodeling contractor supply that?

Valuables: before starting any remodeling project, remove valuables from your home (including artwork and breakables).

Plan Your Home Remodel for Success

Proper pre-planning helps assure a successful and enjoyable experience. Always hire expert General Contractors and design professionals. When looking for General Contractors near me, call BMF Construction at 415.699.9124. BMF Construction serves San Francisco, Burlingame, Hillsborough and the San Francisco Peninsula.

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