How To Plan Your Home Remodel

Enjoy the fun of remodeling your home and avoid the stress by planning properly! How to plan your home remodel means taking a few preliminary steps to avoid delays and stress during the home remodeling process. In this Part 1,we will explore some of the more important things to prepare for to assure a successful home renovation.

Where to Stay During Your Home Renovation?

For smaller home remodeling projects such as kitchen and bathroom remodeling, you may be able to remain in your home. Larger home remodeling projects such as home additions or new home construction can require temporary housing. To do this, temporary housing can take on several scenarios:

Rent a house or apartment

Move in with friends or relatives

Rent a mobile home, park it on your property and connect temporary utilities

ADU: if you have an ADU on your property you already have your temporary housing

Avoid Delays

Plan, plan, plan your home remodel! List all of the long lead items well in advance of your home remodel. These can include custom cabinets, commercial appliances, doors and windows. Oftentimes, custom cabinets and large patio doors can take 6 months or more for turnaround. Because of this, you don’t want to hold up your renovation or new home construction awaiting kitchen cabinets. So order before construction starts to avoid delays

Storage During Your Home Remodel

Smaller renovation jobs such as kitchen and bathroom remodeling may just require relocating furniture to other rooms or the center of each room as remodeling progresses.

Larger home remodeling or new home construction projects may require relocating furniture or storage off-site.

Garage or out buildings can be used for storage during your home remodel

A moving company can relocate your furniture to a warehouse

Some Homeowners choose to purchase new furniture and donate the old

Replaced appliances can be hauled away at the start of your home renovation for donation or disposal.

Other Concerns When Remodeling Your Home: To Be Continued in Part 2

Work only with expert home remodeling contractors and design professionals. They will be aware of these preliminary steps and help to prepare your for your new home. When looking for remodeling or new home contractors near me, call BMF Construction at 415.699.9124. BMF serves San Francisco, Burlingame, Hillsborough and the rest of San Mateo County.

P.S. Stay posted for part 2 of How to Plan Your Home Remodel

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