Leading Home Addition Builder In Hillsborough Outlines The Different Types Of Home Additions

When your family begins to outgrow your dream house, moving to a bigger property may be both challenging and expensive. The cheaper alternative is to expand your living spaces and add an extra room to accommodate your growing needs. That extra space in your yard or the area above your garage can serve as an excellent foundation for an additional room or two. If you need a home addition builder in Hillsborough, we can help you plan and execute a project that matches your needs.

There are different types of additions that are ideal in different situations. Full additions are the best option when you want to create an entirely new room. During the project, we will add another story to the existing floors of your house and build a new room from the ground up. This includes creating a solid foundation, framing, and installing essential such as electrical wiring and HVAC.

Compared to full additions, partial additions are easier and cheaper to install. They are also referred to as bump-outs because they involve expanding existing rooms within a house. In this type of project, we only need to expand a room by a few feet. Partial additions work best for typically small rooms like kitchens and bathrooms.

Another option to consider is room conversions. This type of project allows you to work with the existing space to create more room. For instance, we could knock over a wall to make your bedroom bigger or spruce up your basement to create the much-needed extra living space. Other areas of your home ideal for room conversions include the garage and attic.

Irrespective of the type of project you choose, there are numerous enticing benefits you stand to enjoy. The first is that you will have more usable square footage. A project will also guarantee an increase in the overall value of your property. Compared to moving out and buying a new house, this option is pocket-friendly yet effective.

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