Residential Chef’s Kitchen Contractor In Hillsborough Makes Dreams A Reality

If you are one of those people who consider cooking an art and a hobby, rather than just a chore to be marked off, a food prep area that matches your dreams is a must. The kitchen for a home chef will have all the necessary tools and appliances available, with plenty of working and storage space as well. When you want a cooking space that is arranged for aesthetics as well as functionality, BMF Builders, a residential chef’s kitchen contractor in Hillsborough, is the company to contact. Read further to learn why we are recognized throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Every kitchen designer wants the highest quality installation available within the client’s budget limitations. BMF recognizes that a chef’s preparation area will have high-end appliances arranged in a step-saving magic triangle. The durability of surfaces used for food prep is also a must. Some of the essential elements to the area include at least two sinks, so that dirty dishes are not in the way of washing vegetables or fruits.

The right lighting adds to both the functionality and the aesthetics of the space. Areas where cutting, measurements or other precision tasks are done, especially need adequate lighting, both in the times of daylight and darkness.

Every one of our clients has a slightly different opinion of which elements can be described as aesthetically pleasing. Some general principles which apply are open workspaces, built-in appliances, avoiding dark corners or general clutter, and judicious use of color accents that fit your general decor. While colors of appliances, flooring, and counters go through periods of popularity, it is important to ensure that all surfaces in your high-end design are easy to clean.

BMF Builders has the experience and expertise to assist and guide through each step of the planning and building your residential chef’s kitchen. Check out our online portfolio to see what we have provided to our clients during past projects.

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