Benefits Of A Tenant Improvement Contractor In San Francisco

If you own a house that is currently occupied by tenants and need to make some improvements, you’ll want to find someone who knows exactly what they are doing. We are a premiere tenant improvement contractor in San Francisco and can deal with a range of structural issues. Feel free to call us for an estimate on any contracting improvements you’d like to make.

If the bathroom is old, you’ll likely be dealing with fixtures that are either out of date or no longer up to code. A cracked toilet, for example, could be an indication of plumbing problems below the floor. Have a certified contractor check out potential pipe issues before they cost you more money.

When tenants make specific complaints about an appliance, it is likely your responsibility within the contract to make repairs. Stoves and ovens that break down will leave your tenant without any way to cook dinner. We can make the repairs as soon as possible so that the contract you’ve both signed remains valid and viable.

We can help with HVAC situations in which either the heat or the air conditioning is not working properly. No air conditioning during the height of summer can be quite the problem for tenants. Compressing coils and other small parts can be switched out quickly so that the air can be turned back on.

Sustainability is important to us. In fact, we are looking for ways for our contacting solutions to be as environmentally friendly as possible. You can ask about our sustainability options during your first consultation. Anyone who cares for the environment will want to be a part of green solutions.

Building owners who are in between tenants might use the opportunity to upgrade the lighting within the room. Old overhead lights can be taken down and replaced with more modern bulbs. Run-down lamps also can be replaced with newer models with better looking shades. Creating atmosphere in certain rooms of the apartment or house is one key to attracting tenants. We can make sure that any new electrical wiring is installed correctly so that no mishaps occur.

We can help you with all of your tenant contracting needs. Whether you want to modify a bathroom, living room, bedroom, or basement, we can draw up an action blueprint and get to work. When we’re done, you’ll be happy with the upgrades and will be pleased with the extra rental money you can pull in.

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