The Most Important Member on the Construction Team

Who Is Running My Project?

As a homeowner, one of the first questions you must ask of your builder is “who is running my project?”

The most important members on the construction team are not always the most skilled craftsperson, Foreman or Lead Carpenter.

When constructing larger scale full house remodels, additions and new construction, it is typically the Project Manager (PM) who pulls the team together and assures that your project is successful.

Many Contractors do not allocate a PM to their jobs. Instead, they rely on a senior tradesperson or another crew member. However, these team members are already fully engaged in the installation of the work. They cannot adequately split up their time to both install the work and oversee the entire project. Consequently, either the installations or the overall remodel process (or both) suffer.


Sometimes the need for a project manager is questioned, assuming it is an added expense that can be eliminated. However, the success of the project is usually dependent on the project supervision and management, above all else. In most cases, this is THE most important component of the budget and a successful construction project.

Why do You Need a Project Manager?

Project managers are the “glue” that hold the system together once construction starts. They must see “the big picture”.

Scheduling, sequencing, problem-solving, pre-planning, material ordering, anticipating future needs or issues, subcontractor scheduling, interface, and coordinating with architects, designers and engineers. City contacts include officials in building, planning and inspection. Also, interface with the Owner regarding selections, installation details, timing, layouts, mock-ups, communication, changes to work, etc.

Project management is a full-time job on larger projects, but most GC owners or upper management are not present on their job site on a regular or daily basis.

Smaller Projects

Small additions and remodel projects may not require a separate project manager. Highly skilled and experienced team leaders can handle the overall running of a smaller site working part-time on installations.

Large Scale Remodels, Additions and New Construction

However, larger scale remodels, additions and new construction require competent project managers who are the most important members on the construction team.


BMF is committed to the success of every project and the happiness of our clients. You will have experienced management involved on every job. This assures dedicated customer service and a successful makeover of your home, commercial space or new house construction. Call us at 415.699.9124. BMF serves San Francisco, Burlingame, San Mateo and the Peninsula

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