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The Bay Area is the prime place for real estate development, expansion, renovation and investing. The best-planned projects are guaranteed to generate excellent returns well into the future. To ensure optimum outcomes when planning building upgrades for your commercial remodeling in San Francisco, you have to bring the right professionals onto your team. Are you looking for the best commercial contractors in San Francisco? If so, then BMF Construction is the company to call.

We offer an extensive range of services and solutions for commercial remodeling in San Francisco and the Bay Area. If you own a commercial building and want to alter it in order to make it more appealing to prospective tenants or to expand its potential applications and overall value, our renovation services are what you need, including enhancements for modernizing old, outdated buildings and successful plans for restoring historic buildings to preserve their charm.

Beyond merely improving property aesthetics, we can handle projects that involve increasing the functionality and usability of spaces for specific industries. This can include the installation of commercial kitchens and labs, and the creation of sustainable and fully compliant, industrial features as well.

BMF is familiar with all of the pertinent building codes for San Francisco County and will always make sure that the resulting work is fully compliant and properly permitted. Our options in tenant improvement construction in San Francisco are helping property owners optimize their returns from some of their most important investments.

Sustainability: we believe that the use of green building materials and strategies is more than just environmentally-friendly. It is also smart. The techniques and practices that we employ allow our clients to enjoy safe, comfortable living and working spaces that are free of unnecessary liability issues and that do not have lasting and negative impacts on the earth.

Call 415-699-9124 today for an initial consultation! In addition to commercial remodeling in San Francisco and the Peninsula, we also have seasoned design consultants on hand who are always ready to help companies start planning their projects.

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