Why You Need To Remodel Your Kitchen

Why you need to remodel your kitchen oftentimes means more than just gaining a great new space and added convenience!

Family Time and Creating Memories

Most families with children want a meeting space, an area where everyone can gather and share time. The kitchen is usually the best spot in the house for the family to come together.

Problem? Most kitchens are closed off by walls from the other rooms of the house. When you remodel your kitchen you can remove these walls and thereby create a “Great Room”, a hub for family gatherings and a space to share with loved ones and friends.

Creating an open Great Room space becomes more important as children get older, because many leave home by age 18. As a result, once the kids are out of the house, the time they share with parents usually drops dramatically. Now is the time you need to remodel your kitchen to create more family space, while they are still at home.

Most Popular Kitchen Designs

The most popular designs include an open space to the existing Dining Room area or to a Family Room. With the walls removed from the kitchen, you can now communicate with the kids and at the same time keep an eye on the them as they play and do their homework.

Island Cabinets

An island cabinet is a great way to center the gathering. It offers added counter work space, more eating area and a hub at which to gather. In addition, another sink ,dishwasher and undercounter refrigerator can now be introduced to further help in the food prep process.

The kitchen island cabinet can serve as a great design element to compliment the other cabinets, counters and lighting scheme. Also, the color of the island cabinets may differ from the others to create another splash of color or texture to your new kitchen.

Remodeling your kitchen and creating an open Great Room makes entertaining fun and easy. Guests can gather and talk as the chef prepares the meal and uncorks the wine. Entertaining becomes more inclusive and guests feel more at home.

Why you need to remodel your kitchen is far more important than just bringing a new look and greater convenience, it is about family, friends and memories!

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